Lovish Saini is a creative criminal and strategy-focused designer based in Manchester, UK and speaking in third person makes him cringe. He has a BA in Graphic Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, and taught himself graphic design through youtube videos and experimenting with Photoshop 7.0 when he was 8 years old and times were simpler, to distract himself from a primary school education.

He is also an events organiser and training facilitator for PechaKucha Manchester. He has a keen interest in inclusivity through design and aims to serve a diverse, better-repersented landscape of people through his work.


Fuse Directory - "Speak Up"
“The Imposter” - 12. March 2020

PechaKucha Manchester - “Rebellion”
“A Ruffian in the Modern World” - 12. September 2019

Charity Conference - “42nd Street“
“Peer Ambassadors” - 14th. October 2016

I’m in the business of telling stories.

Have you got one for me to tell?

Come say hello, I’ll pop on the kettle.