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Lovish Saini
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Created by a group of journalists and editors who were frustrated by the overwhelming amount of trivial ‘news’ available online. Paperboy helps you stay informed by curating news and separating credible sources from unreliable ones.

Case Study

Brand Identity Design
User Experience Design



The team behind Paperboy wanted to change this by emulating the nostalgic traditional experience of a    newspaper round. Everyday the team curates the most important and unbiased news stories from multiple reliable sources and delivered straight to the user in a simple and easy-to-digest format.

The brief for this project was to design a user interface for the Paperboy News app that would make it easy for users to navigate and digest the curated news stories. The interface needed to be visually appealing and simple to use, without distractions from the news feed.

The experience also needed to feel tactile but familiar allowing the user to have the nostalgic experience of reading a newspaper through the use of haptic feedback interactions.

Based on our persona research, I found that our target users prefer reading news from reputable sources as it makes the newsreading experience feel worthwhile. Often committing to reading news during their commute or during their off-time they want this to be a leisurely activity to switch off from work or the daily grind. Dueto this, they often feel overwhelmed by too much information or too many options when it comes to news sources.

Based on this research, I defined a problem that I aimed to solve in this project which was “How might we redesign the act of reading the news for a new generation of consumers who are tired of the current journalistic landscape so that they can be better informed?“

To tackle this challenge, I decided on the solution of modernising the traditional "Paperboy" concept, in order to re-invent the nostalgic and meditative experience of reading the newspaper. 
We wanted to create a refreshing and engaging way for people to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed by choice of low-quality journalism, that would also provide a new sense of anticipation and excitement for the day's headlines.

The app's landing page was designed with a clear and direct approach to guide users to download the app and upgrade to Paperboy Pro.

Featuring a prominent call-to-actions, as well as clear and concise messaging outlining the benefits of upgrading to the Pro version. Through the use of color, typography, and imagery, the landing page effectively communicates the app's value proposition and encourages users to take action.

The new interface was designed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic void of any distractions, customisations, any unnecessary features, making it easy for users to quickly scan and digest the curated news stories. Accessibility features were also taken into account to allow for a larger user-set to access the app.

The KPIs for this project were to increase engagement  with the app by 20% within the first three months of launch, achieve a user retention rate of 50% within the first three months of launch, and increase the number of daily active users by 10% within the first three months of launch. To achieve these goals, I began by conducting user research to understand the needs and pain points of our target audience, which helped me to identify opportunities for improvement in the current design and inform my design decisions for the new interface.

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©StudioRuffian → 2023 / Work With Me